Quitters — What’s Not to Love?

How’re the holidays treating you so far?

Deb and I spent this past rain-soaked weekend doing an early Christmas in southern California with my sister and her family. Very nice time.

Now we’re prepping for our drive north of San Francisco to see Debbie’s mom Christmas day.

But I thought I’d take a minute to share this interesting news item I saw yesterday…

Despite today’s shaky economic climate, the number of people quitting their jobs now outnumbers those being laid off.

You heard me right. More folks are bailing on their jobs than are getting fired.

That’s the word from the Department of Labor anyway.

The most significant quit levels seem to be in financial services and professional and business services, but people are quitting across the board — in sectors like manufacturing, retail, real estate, construction, and hospitality.

How come?

Barbara Safani, who’s spent more than 15 years in career management, recruiting, executive coaching, and organizational development, offers a few reasons, including:

1. They were tired of being worked to the bone.
2. The stress of their boss outweighed the stress of no paycheck.
3. They didn’t feel engaged in their work.
4. They left to start a family, spend more time with their families, take care of aging parents, maybe travel more.
5. They were motivated to be their own boss, to turn a personal passion into a new career and business.

This is great news.

For one thing, it shows that a lot of people are finally hitting their “fed up” point. They’re ready to shrug off their service to masters.

For another, it indicates that more and more people are looking for a better balance between their personal and work lives.

But most important, it means I’m gonna have more entrepreneurs to learn from, play with, and build joint ventures with.


Which reminds me.

If you’d like to join the noble band of “job quitters,” but you’re worried and need more instruction and encouragement, you might want to visit…


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