There’s No Bad Time For a Business Start-Up

Got this comment from a subscriber just before Christmas:

“Hey, the economy’s still shaky, the housing market sucks, and unemployment is about 10 percent, but you keep saying we should be starting our own businesses. It sounds risky, and I think you’re wrong to give such advice right now.”

OK, first thing — starting anything new is always risky.

Get used to it.

Second, it may seem backasswards, but didja know that successful new businesses actually get started more often during bad economies than in eras of prosperity?

For example, the Walt Disney Company, Apple, and Microsoft were all launched during unstable financial times.

I’ve got no hard explanations for why this is. But consider…

While companies hunker down during recessions, fast-thinking entrepreneurs can fill in gaps and take advantage of opportunities that spring from those adjustment periods.

My very first business may not have made me a fortune, but it sure got me by (and led to other, better things), and I started it right after losing a longtime corporate job during a “downturn.” I just decided to take a different path from those who were dusting off resumes and lining up for humiliating job interviews.

So 2011 is just a few day’s away.

What’s it gonna be for you?

Will you finally start up that new business you’ve thought and thought about?

Or you gonna let another year slip by?

If you’d like a quick and even inexpensive jumpstart, you might want to check out…

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