When Goals are a Big Waste of Time

Sick yet of people asking if you’ve set goals for 2011?


I ain’t gonna ask.

In fact, I think setting goals is a total waste of time until you’ve done something else first.

What you’ve gotta do first is create an intention.

An intention is a desired outcome. It’s an emotionally driven, long-term wish.

Without an intention, setting down a step-by-step roadmap of goals is, well, impossible.

Maybe your intention for the coming year is…

“I intend to set aside enough money to leave my job and travel for six months.”


“I intend to start a profitable internet marketing business.”

OK, how will you achieve that intention?

The path between you and that intended outcome is dotted with the goals that will get you there.

Goals are meaningless without specific intentions. And intentions are empty promises without goals.

So imagine an intention first — something that will make you truly happy in 2011. Then figure out how to make that intention a reality and set your goals.

Go ahead.

And when someone asks you if you’ve set any goals for this year, tell ’em truthfully, “Well, I’ve set an intention so far, but I’m still working on my goals.”

You know, whether you’re creating an intention or setting goals, you need the determination of a rhinoceros to be successful. You’ll find help to develop that tenacity and plow through any roadblocks if you visit…


Happy intention-setting!

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