My Secret Life in MLM

Way back when Deb and I were seriously into multilevel marketing, they’d play a song at rallies that always got us pumping our fists into the air. It went like this…

Get on your feet
Get up and make it happen
Get on your feet
Stand up and take some action

Hundreds of us would sway in the aisles to that old Gloria Estefan tune, raring to hit the streets, hand out promotional tapes willy-nilly, and confidently share the business plan.

By next morning, of course, we could barely motivate ourselves out of bed, let alone get cracking on our businesses.

That’s the problem with external motivation.

As a friend pointed out to me recently, “If a pretty poster and a cute saying [or even a song] are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.”

Self-motivation is the key to finally starting that new business, creating that spiffy new product, writing that powerful sales page or sales letter, and just keeping things rolling.

Here are three self-motivators that work for me:

1. I keep learning. Read, listen to audio programs, take courses, and learn new stuff. It’ll build the confidence you need to move forward.

2. I help other people. When you share your ideas with others and help them get motivated, it motivates you, too.

3. I stop thinking too much. This is a toughie, because our internal default is to talk ourselves out of things. When inspiration strikes, we tend to quickly write negative what-if scenarios. Stop that and just do!

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