Lindsay Lohan’s (Not So) Hot Sales Secret

Today’s Valentine’s Day.

And of course, when I think of Valentines, I think of Lindsay Lohan.

OK, I’m kidding. But Lindsay did send us solopreneurs an early Valentine of sorts last week — a sales lesson.

C’mon, you must’ve seen the story…

Already on probation for a bunch of DUI’s, she showed up at court to plead not guilty to felony grand-theft. If convicted, she could spend up to three years in the big house.

Lindsay looked phenomenal. She wore a short, skintight, all-white, eyeball-poppin’ Kimberly Ovitz dress.

Hot, hot, hot.

Lindsay claimed the white dress symbolized her innocence and, uh, purity.

Didn’t faze the judge, though. He ignored the dress but gave her quite a lecture about the seriousness of the charges against her.

No sale, Lindsay.

At least not in court.

Outside of court, that $575 dress has sold out everywhere.

I hope Lindsay’s getting a piece of THAT action. It’ll help defray some of her legal costs.

Anyway, the lesson here is that in sales, you have to carefully gauge your audience.

Lindsay’s target market was the judge. And she — pardon the pun — misjudged that market. She might’ve been better off presenting herself in a conservative gray suit.

How are you presenting your business — your “case,” so to speak — to your intended audience?

Don’t take this lightly.

If you do, you might be missing them entirely. Or, like poor Lindsay, sending ’em elsewhere.

“Your audience gives you everything you need. They tell you. There is no director who can direct you like an audience.” — Fanny Brice

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