How to Create New Business Over Coffee

Got this email from Dhane…

“Since I’ve been reading your book Fire-Up Your Cash Flow over a Donut and Coffee, I’ve been going to Starbucks on my extended lunch breaks to loaf and read, and today I’m happy to say it’s paid off.
“I made contact with a ‘connected’ film director/producer who’s currently in the process of putting together a team to manage everything marketing and web related for his production house.
“If it hadn’t been for your advice, I never would have made that connection.
“While I haven’t received any green stuff yet from your advice, the keyword there is yet.”

Just in case you’ve never gotten around to reading my free eBook  — available on this site — it details how I built a profitable business sitting around my local coffee house armed with just a latte, scone, and battered paperback sci-fi novel.

I had dough rolling in within a couple of weeks.

The secret: making casual connections with business people, identifying their problems, and offering solutions for money.

Not necessarily easy. It takes some moxie, and a little practice for some of us.

But damn simple.

Dhane — and several others who’ve been kind enough to share their stories — made it work for him.
In fact, Dhane even sent me an update…

“One tip I would offer is for people to be observant of things people have on their person that you can relate to.

“For example, I sparked the conversation with the film director because I noticed he had a keyboard overlay that was for film editing. Since I used to edit way back when, I used that to start the conversation, and then, my next question was the one that always works like gangbusters to get people talking about their problems: ‘So, what’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now in your business?’

“From there, the person you’re talking to practically throws up all their problems. And then I just said, ‘Well, I can help you with that. Here’s my card.’ Then we continued the conversation.”

Today’s helpful hint — read Fire-Up Your Cash Flow, then sit your butt down at a Starbucks for a little while and start making contacts.

Lemme know how it goes.

“Loafing is one of the most creative, money-producing things you can do.” — Jerry Gillies

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