The Saddest President’s Day Story Ever

This President’s Day, let’s consider William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States.

Elected to office in 1840, Harrison was a record-maker.

He held a 140-year record as the oldest elected president (age 67) until Ronald Reagan in 1980 (age 69).

He delivered the longest inaugural address in American history — almost two hours long.

And Harrison was the first president to die in office, serving the shortest term in U.S. presidential history.

Sad story really.

It was a very cold and wet day when Harrison took the oath of office, gave his two-hour speech, and rode in his inaugural parade. Unwisely, he decided not to wear an overcoat or hat.

Three weeks later, he caught a cold, which quickly turned to pneumonia and pleurisy.

Nothing his doctors tried — opium, castor oil, leeches, or Virginia snakeweed — helped. In fact, they made him worse, and he died on April 4, 1841.

William Henry Harrison had served as president just 30 days, twelve hours, and 30 minutes.

Through no real fault of his own — well, maybe he misjudged the weather or his health — he never really got started.

Have you gotten started yet on kicking the 9-to-5 treadmill habit? Have you started putting together the pieces that will make up your own business?

If not, why not?

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