Is “Identity Theft” Keeping You Down?

Have you caught last weekend’s Number One box office movie yet?

It’s a cool thriller called Unknown. Liam Neeson plays a doctor who’s in a very nasty car wreck while visiting Berlin. When he wakes up four days later, nobody recognizes him, including his wife.

Worse yet, some schmuck’s assumed Liam’s identity, and he can’t prove he’s who he says he is and the other guy’s a fake.

As you’d expect, Liam goes a bit nutz and starts questioning his own identity.

Reminds me of a guy who wrote me recently about wanting to start his own business.

Problem was he didn’t know what products or services he could offer anyone. And it was making him a little bonkers.

This seems to be common for a lot of folks who want to escape the 9-to-5 hamster-wheel.

They have trouble stepping back and figuring out who they are and what value they can bring to the marketplace.

Can you relate?

I share a technique to help solve that challenge in Chapter 8 of my eBook Fire-Up Your Cash Flow over a Donut and Coffee, which you can lay your hands on for free right here on this website.

You might wanna take a look.

Hey, it won’t cost you nuttin’.

See ya. (And be sure to catch Unknown this weekend, if you get the chance.)

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