“My Dog Ate My Blackberry!”

I just spotted a new survey from Canada that shows one out of five people are late to work every week.

Excuses employees commonly give include lack of sleep, bad traffic, crappy weather, and getting kids to school.

But my favorites are some doozies shared by managers, who seem to’ve heard just about everything…

— “A prostitute stole my car keys.”
— “My dog ate my Blackberry.”
— “My grandmother went missing.”
— “I forgot it was a workday.”
— “My Botox appointment took longer than I expected.”
— “I knew I was already going to be late, so I figured I’d stop to get donuts for everyone.”
— “I got hurt taking a fork out of the dishwasher.”

Pretty lame, huh?

I’ll bet if these same workers were honest, though, they’d admit to other reasons for their lateness.

They’re probably unexcited about their jobs.

They most likely feel underappreciated by their bosses.

They might not get any sense of accomplishment from their work.

They’re almost certainly fed up with sprinting on the 9-to-5 treadmill.

Problem is most of them are probably too lazy to make a change and jump from the treadmill to freedom.

But I’m sure that’s not you.

Maybe you don’t know how to identify, package, and market your skills in your own business, or how to get started “doing your own thing.”


Trust me. You’re never late when you’re running your own life.

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