Sillyass Jedi Mind Tricks

OK, I know retail’s still in a slump. But get a load of this…

Browns, a top fashion boutique in London, is trying to hypnotize shoppers into spending more moola.

I’m not kidding.

For at least the next month, you’ll find hypnotic blue and orange pinwheels spinning in Browns’ windows. Inside, the store is now vanilla-scented, and subliminal messages are hidden in the recorded music.

The owners say they wanna see if this subconscious sensory persuasion will increase sales.

I don’t think this stuff would make Deb dig deeper into her purse. It’d probably just make her feel sleepy.

And I have to wonder how many returns Browns’ll get once people arrive home and “buyer’s remorse” sets in…

“Did I buy this? What was I thinking?”

“You probably weren’t thinking, honey. Browns was using its Jedi mind tricks on you again.”

You know, a fancy boutique like Browns would be better off studying some of the old marketing greats like Robert Collier or Claude Hopkins. You can’t miss with that stuff, which always works like gangbusters.

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