Evading the Adjustment Bureau

Since high school, I’ve loved the weird science fiction of Philip K. Dick.

Dick’s been dead 30 years, but you’re probably familiar with his stuff.

Movies like Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall are all based on his stories.

The latest film inspired by a Phil Dick yarn is new in theaters and called The Adjustment Bureau.

It stars Matt Damon as a young politician who discovers that his life – and everybody’s life, in fact – is part of a Great Master Plan.

Too bad for him, he’s veered seriously off-plan, so the Adjustment Bureau’s called in to aggressively knock him back into line.

But Matt’s quite happy with the way his life’s going, thank you very much.

There’s a girl involved, you see.

So the high-jinks begin…

Anyway, the movie got me thinking about the course our lives take and how much say each of us has in that process.

I happen to believe we each have a lot more control than we sometimes think.

But a lot of people are happy to just float along and let themselves be directed by the decisions of family, friends, or circumstances.

I hope that’s not you.

I hope you won’t settle for whatever’s thrown at you.

I hope you put up a fight like Matt Damon.

The Adjustment Bureau may be just what you need to get off the treadmill you’re on and move into life’s more exciting territories.


Go for the gusto!

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