My Not-So-Smart Phone

Since I mentioned last week that I bought a new cell phone, inquiring minds wanna know what I got.

A BlackBerry?

An Android?

An iPhone?


None of that fancy-pants stuff for moi.

I got me a brand new plain-vanilla phone.

It does have a calendar. It can shoot pictures.

Basically, though, it’s just a telephone.

This is only my third cell phone — ever.

I know a guy who’s “upgraded” his phone more than a dozen times in the past seven years. (He just bought another one cuz it’s loaded with a digital copy of the movie Inception.)

But I’m a man of pretty simple needs when it comes to most things.

My phone’s just a phone.

My car’s reliable but no-frills.

My computer’s bare bones, with just enough software to run my business smoothly.

Hey, I know I’m in the minority.

Most people love all the bells and whistles and extra features that come with almost everything these days. (When Deb and I were shopping for a new fridge a coupla years ago, we saw one with satellite TV installed. Sheesh!)

So here’s the point I want to make…

In business, it pays to add extra goodies to whatever it is you’re selling. Maybe a report, an audio or two, something to sweeten your offer.

Advertised bonuses might tip a prospect from lookie-loo to buyer.

Unadvertised bonuses will give your buyers a “wow” that usually reduces refunds.

Extra features count.

Remember — most people aren’t as easy to satisfy as I am.

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