I’m Off-Stream (& Ready to Scream)

So yesterday I rolled outta bed and decided I’d take another bold step into the world of home entertainment.

I traipsed down to Radio Shack and bought me one o’ them doohickeys to stream movies from the internet right onto my big flatscreen TV.

Pretty neat, huh?


For one reason or another, the durn thing wouldn’t connect to my wireless service.

I called the “help desk.”

“Just manually change your network settings,” the guy told me.


“From the set-up window, click on Manual Settings.”

“It’s not offering me that option.”

“OK, unplug it, then start over.”

“All right. … There, it’s rebooted.”

“Are you seeing the set-up window?”


“OK, click on Manual Settings.”

“It’s not offering me that option.”


Well, maybe the problem was with the doohickey. Most likely, the problem was me. And given three or four more hours, I might’ve made it work, but I just wasn’t in the mood.

So I stuffed the gadget back into its packaging and returned to Radio Shack.

And I was given a prompt, no-questions-asked refund by the smiling young girl behind the counter.

Now that situation could’ve gone very badly.

I was frustrated, annoyed, maybe a tad angry. And I was prepared for an argument.

But what I got was a smile, an apology, and a quick refund of my money.

I left Radio Shack disappointed that I wouldn’t be streaming movies that evening. But in general, I left there a happy camper, ready to do business with Radio Shack again.

Here’s my biz tip for the day…

No matter what you sell, give fast, friendly refunds when you’re asked for them. (Keep track of perennial refunders, though.)

Even if the customer’s wrong – or a jerk – give ’em a refund. They’ll be happier, and you’ll have fewer headaches.

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