Munchkin Artists Attack Beach Visitors

One of our rituals during weekends is breakfast at our favorite seaside cafe.

So yesterday morning, after Deb had her usual multi-grain pancakes and I scarfed down a Greek omelet, we walked Cheyenne along the bluffs that overlook the sand and surf.

Gorgeous day.

When we reached the little park area, a blond girl, maybe seven or eight years old, scampered up.

She held aloft a crayon drawing, like something grandparents stick on their fridge doors.

“Wanna buy a picture?”

Before we could reply, she darted back to her two friends. They were gathered around a picnic table they’d covered with similar drawings, each anchored securely with little stones to keep it from blowing away.

A lot of kids sell lemonade. But these munchkins — inspired by stuff they’d likely seen at our local street fairs — had created a large inventory of  colorful artworks to sell to the beach crowd.

So cool.

It reminded me of something my friend Scott Alexander told me a while ago —

Scott thought most go-getters and entrepreneurs are born, not made.

These itty-bitty girls were a terrific example of that.

First, they had the moxie to launch their own tiny enterprise all by themselves.

Second, they had distinguished themselves from competitors by offering customers something different.

And finally, they probably made a killing. (After all, who can resist a sales pitch from an adorable munchkin?)

Tip for the day…

If your kids are always collecting bottles for refunds and peddling broken toys to their pals, encourage ’em.

They’ve got big, successful years ahead.

And just maybe — ahem — they’ll even inspire you to finally get started in your own business.

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