When Disaster and Unpreparedness Meet

Well, you hadda know it’d happen sooner or later.

After decades of living hacker-free, Macintosh users are finally feeling the deadly, infectious sting of computer-crushing malware.

That’s right. Mac devotees are now joining the uphill battle against malicious hackers we PC lowlifes have struggled with, like, forever.

Welcome to the war, guys!

Thing is, Apple’s constant boasting of immunity from virus and malware attacks made a lot of Mac devotees a tad lazy about taking precautions against such things. So they’re open to disaster.

It ain’t purty in Mac Land right now.

This reminds me of those former co-workers of mine who thought the next corporate downsizing, restructuring, whatever could never touch them.

Boy, were they surprised when the hammer fell!

I’m not a big fan of buying tons of unnecessary insurance, but it does pay to prepare yourself for “surprises,” whether they strike on your computer or in your job.

I can’t do a damn thing about your computer problems. But I am ready to prepare and arm you for post-job survival.


You know where to find me.

“Being unprepared heightens nerves.” — James Galway

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