When Size Really Does Matter

Wanna “make it” in internet marketing? Or in offline marketing? Or in just about any business, for that matter?

You might need to be more like a tuberous bush-cricket.

This particular species of cricket, you see, possesses the world’s biggest testicles.

Relatively speaking, that is.

Their stones are a startling 14% of their body mass.

Just think. If your brother’s were of similar relative size, he’d be carting around a pair as large as two basketballs.

Boy howdy!

Not a good thing if you’re a trucker, or a ballet dancer, or an Olympic ice-skater.

But a very good thing if you own your own business.

You know I’m talking metaphorically, right?

I’m talking about attitude.

Dan Kennedy calls it the “brass balls” mind-set, and by that he means you’ve gotta possess courage, confidence, audacity, chutzpah…

You get my drift.

Of course, I doubt that bush-crickets hold that mind-set, despite their ridiculously over-sized yarbles.

But one creature that irrefutably does exhibit a testicular attitude is a rhinoceros.

Rhinos are the most confident and courageous animals in the jungle.


And wouldn’t you rather be a rhino than a bush-cricket?

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