How I Survived Internal Bleeding

I received a great question by email early this week…

It was about a kind of “internal bleeding.”

“I could probably make a lot of money as a consultant,” Scott told me, “but I have trouble stopping myself from ‘giving away the farm’ when I talk to prospective clients.

“When they ask me business and marketing questions, I get so excited that I start blabbing away and giving them maybe an hour of free advice. They take the info home with them and I don’t make a penny!

“I know I’ve got to break myself from this habit, but I’m stumped about how to do that. Got any ideas?”

Sure do.

In fact, I understand the situation real well.

Way back when I started my own consulting biz, I thought a great way to get my foot in the door was to offer local business people a free 20-minute consultation.

I’d think, “Boy, when they get a little taste of what I’ve got to offer, they’ll put me on retainer for a couple grand a month and I’ll be on my way to Easy Street!”

So I’d meet with a retailer, get all wired up and spew my wisdom for 20 minutes (usually more), and they’d sit there with a pad and pencil and jot down every precious tip and technique I offered.

Then I’d never hear from them again.

My wife finally asked me WTF I was doing, giving all my best stuff away for nada.

I didn’t have a good answer.

But I figgered out a good solution to the problem.

During my free 20-minute consultations, I stopped “giving away the farm.” Instead, I started telling prospects what they should do, but I didn’t tell them how to do it.

Get the difference?

I stopped giving ’em free instruction. I just helped them identify their business problems, then suggested solutions — minus the “how-to.”

They had to pay me for the step-by-step “how-to” information or service.

It’s really a simple mental adjustment.

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