Self-Motivation, With Relish

You might recall I was talking about external vs. internal motivation last week.

Turns out, so was Seth Godin, whose Poke the Box may be this year’s best motivational business book.

In a blog post last Friday, titled “Dependency on external motivation,” Godin wrote:

“The nature of our new economic system … is that external motivation is far less useful [than it used to be]. If you’re looking for a big payday, you won’t find it right away. If you’re depending on cheers and thank yous from your Twitter followers, you’re looking at a very bumpy ride.

“In fact, the world is more and more aligned in favor of those who find motivation inside, who would do what they do even if it wasn’t their job. As jobs turn into projects, the leaders we need are those that relish the project, that jump at the chance to push themselves harder than any coach ever could.”

So it would seem the secret to self-motivation is to “relish the project.”

But the trick is finding a project (or two, or even five) that you can relish.

My mailbox is filled with emails from folks who say they’d love to escape wage slavery for an entrepreneurial life…

“If only I knew what I’m really good at.”

“If only I could find something I’m really excited about.”

“If only…whatever.”

OK, lemme pose these few questions…

What websites do you visit regularly?

What kinds of blogs attract you?

What online forums have you joined?

When you spend a lazy afternoon “surfing the web,” where do your trails lead?

Answer those questions and you might discover what excites you.

You might even latch onto a business idea or project you can relish.

So charge ahead already!

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