Hoist the Gadsden Flag!

In our little resort town, thousands of us lug picnic hampers, wineglasses, and illegal fireworks down to the beach on July 4, Independence Day.

The “official,” often disappointing show sanctioned by the city fathers begins at the pier about 9:00 p.m. By then, the prohibited pyrotechnics have already been spectacularly lighting up the sky along the water’s edge for more than an hour.

Not too surprising, the beach is always festooned with U.S. flags fluttering beside the bonfires and barbecues.

But I never fly Old Glory.

Instead, I hoist my Gadsden flag. That’s the brilliant yellow flag from the American Revolution with the coiled rattler on it and the words “Don’t Tread On Me” stitched at the bottom.

OK, nothing’s actually stitched on my flag. The snake and words are screened onto flammable polyester.

But hey, the message is still clear — keep your damn hands offa me, buster.

Unfortunately, our fight against political busybodies and tax-grubbers never ends.

Governor Jerry Brown yesterday signed into California law a bill that specifically imposes the collection of taxes from consumers on sales by online retailers, even if those retailers have no physical presence here.

Already, Amazon.com has necessarily terminated contracts with all of us California residents participating in its Amazon Associates Program.

Is the new law unconstitutional? Probably.

Is it counterproductive? Sure.

In fact, it’s been pointed out more than once that similar legislation in other states has only led to job and income losses and very little, if any, new tax revenue.

But our masters don’t care about that. After all, they’re in cahoots with big-box retailers who lobby for these laws, wanting to do serious damage to the affiliate advertising programs of their online competitors.

Anyway, I really don’t wanna bring you down on this holiday weekend.

Rather, I want to encourage you to stick to your guns, fight the power, adjust to ignorant government restrictions, and move forward with your plans to seek freedom and launch and sustain your business.


And let the bastards know how you feel.

Raise the Gadsden flag this coming Monday.

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