31 Years of Preaching Rhinocerology

My pal Scott Alexander just reminded me it was 31 years ago this week that he first published Rhinoceros Success, prob’ly the greatest motivational business success manifesto ever.

Sheesh! I can hardly believe I’ve been reading and re-reading that little gem — and its two sequels, Advanced Rhinocerology and Rhinocerotic Relativity — for almost as many years.

Anyway, Scott tells me he was asked recently if, after 31 years, he’d change anything in the book.

Here’s how he answered:

“Why? What changed? Circumstances have certainly changed, but the principles of success have stayed the same and always will. You still have to have the desire to succeed. Without the will, it ain’t gonna happen.

“You still have to take action. You gotta charge. Nothing will happen until you do. It is probably the biggest obstacle to succeeding at anything. It is easier to do nothing. That will never change. In fact, the government is making it easier to do nothing and is actually encouraging mediocrity.

“Persistence is still essential. You still need to have two-inch-thick skin to put up with the setbacks, the obstacles, the disappointments, the roadblocks — the torpedoes. The attitude of never giving up can overcome a lot of handicaps like lack of education, no money, or 100 other reasons people come up with to justify their failure.

“No, I would not change a single word, but I might add one to reflect the times: harder. Charge harder than ever! Dream bigger than ever! Persist longer than ever! Fight for your freedom harder than you ever have before.”

Being a rhino is simple, really. But it’s not easy.

If you’re up to the task, you might start by grabbing a copy of Rhinoceros Success. Do a Google search to find one.

You also might wanna visit http://www.wallyconger.com/rhinotactics.

Have a rhinocerotic day!

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