When Online Marketing Sleazebags Attack!

I wanna give you a little peek inside my email inbox this morning.

Go on, take a look…

“RE: 300 Bucks For Wally”

“Your check is waiting!”

“Confirmed! You have a New Sale!”

“RE: Your commissions Wally”

“Your Sale Has Been Made… Collect!”



If you think behind any of those emails there’s a check with my name on it, hey, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

OK, let’s move further down my list of morning emails…

“YOUR BANK ACCOUNT – 3rd Notice”


Woooooooo…scary! Sounds like I might be in some kinda financial trouble, huh?


Alright, moving on…

“Regarding your 8 URL package”

“Your Payment was Just Sent Today at 5:53PM EST”

“DELIVERY Receipt To Your United States Address…”

“Order Receipt JD83XXH – Please Confirm”

Hmm, I don’t recall ordering anything this week…

To quote the old Monty Python bit, “Spam, spam, spam, and spam.”

Sad thing, though, is that a few of these emails aren’t technically spam. They come from internet marketers I’ve invited to my inbox by subscribing to their email lists. You can bet I’ll unsubscribe shortly.

But here’s my point…

Some people will say ANYTHING in a subject line to get you to open their emails.

They’ll wheedle you with lies, try to terrify you with official-sounding jargon, and even take a crack at tricking you into thinking you already have a buying relationship with them.

These are marketers of the sleaziest sort. And shamefully, they’ve learned their trade from even sleazier marketing “gurus.”

If you want prospects and customers to like and trust you, raise honest curiosity in your email subject lines. Make your subject lines fun and entertaining.

Don’t resort to cheap lies and dishonest tricks. You might get them to open your email once, maybe twice, but in the long haul, you’ll only piss ’em off.

Rant over.

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