51 Powerhouse Info-Product Formats

Lucky for you, I got a great email yesterday…

“I’ve been selling a 137-page eBook about rodent abatement to people on the gardening forums,” wrote Paul, “and I’m building an email list of gardeners who’ve bought my book.

“Now here’s my problem: I know I should be offering them more stuff, but I’m stuck on what other kinds of products I can sell to this market.”

Know what?

I got so inspired by Paul’s challenge that I whipped off a rather lengthy email to him, making, gee, a whopping 51 suggestions.

Then I decided to share with YOU all 51 ideas (which apply to any niche) by turning them into a special report…

51 Powerhouse Info-Product Formats

This report is chock-full of different ways to take what you know and slice it, dice it, squish it, and expand it for your customers and prospects.

And here’s the best news of all…

It’s a freebie.

There’s no opt-in, no obligation.

All you’ve gotta do is click on the above link, download the report, and use the information.

Oh, and feel free to share the report with friends and business associates you think might be able to use the info, too.


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