Jazzin’ on Doc Erskine’s Secret Sauce

So what’s a frantic fanboy like me do his first day back from Comic-Con in San Diego?

He sprints to a theater to see Captain America, of course!


Red Skull, Bucky Barnes, Dum Dum Dugan, Nick Fury, the effin Cosmic Cube fer cryin’ out loud… This movie is a comic book geek’s dream.

Not surprising, it also offers a dandy business lesson that I thought I’d share with you.

Captain America’s saga, you see, begins with a 97-pound weakling named Steve Rogers. The year is 1942, and Steve wants desperately to join the Army and fight Nazis in Europe.

He’s got the heart of a great soldier, but alas, he just ain’t combat material.

Enter government-financed Doc Erskine, who offers Steve the chance to become the U.S. Army’s first super-soldier.

Doc sticks Steve into a futuristic chamber, pumps a secret serum into him, and voila! The kid transforms from scrawny wimp to hulked-out Captain America!

But here’s the real story…

Steve Rogers was always Captain America. Even before he got hit with the serum.

He already had the perseverance, the courage, the gallantry, the soul of Captain America. All Steve needed was a (literal) shot in the arm to get going.

And isn’t that what it takes in business?

You hear it all the time: anybody can launch and run a successful business, but not everybody will.

You have everything necessary to be a winner.

But maybe you still need, well, a blast of Doc Erskine’s top-secret sauce to get rolling.

I’ve explained before what my “secret sauce” was…


What’s yours?

My tip for today…

Find your “sauce.”

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