Shutting Off the Spigot of Crisis

While everybody else is whining and crying and wringing their hands…

The folks I respect most — the creators, the producers, the solopreneurs — are on a “news fast.”

The news has been particularly bad this past couple of weeks.

But hell, man, it’s always bad.

That’s the heart of the news biz, after all.

“Crisis” is their friggin’ bread and butter.

And most of it’s exaggerated or embellished or downright manufactured, whether you want to believe that or not.

So the business people I pay attention to — Ben Settle, Terry Dean, Brad Gosse, to name just three — are shutting off the news and focusing on more important things…

Like their businesses.

Like things they can CONTROL.

OK, maybe you like constant reminders that you are, as Pamela Yellen puts it, “but a leaf on a raging river, being carried along by forces too strong to resist.”

Maybe you like to wallow in the news media’s “can’t-do” philosophy.

Me, I’d rather do the “news fast.”

How come?

Because I’m not a statistic.

I’m not a helpless victim.

I’m guessing you’re not, either.

I’m guessing you believe that no matter the “crisis,” your personal creativity, willpower, persistence, and commitment will triumph.

So do yourself a favor.

Turn off the news…at least for the next few days.

Then take inventory.

How do you feel?

How much more productive have you been?

Then lemme know.

“When you’re watching the news, how many days in a row can you watch that and feel good about yourself and the world?” — Sandra Bernhard

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