You Say Romantic, I Say Gross

I heard about this news story from a nice woman who was drinking a triple-shot latte at Red Dirt Coffee House this morning.

She thought it was “romantic.”

I think it’s kinda ghoulish.

You be the judge.

Here’s the news story…

The public is finally getting an up-close-and-personal look at the Lovers of Valdaro.

The “lovers” are actually two 6,000-year-old human skeletons entwined in a timeless embrace.

They were first discovered in 2007 near Mantua, in Northern Italy. And last weekend, the pair went on temporary display at the entrance of the Mantua Archeological Museum.

Just how these two lovers died while locked in this eternal cuddle is a mystery.

Was it a double homicide? Was it a Romeo-and-Juliet suicide pact? Did they freeze to death on one particularly cold night?

Well, whether you think the Valdaro Lovers make for romantic or ghoulish coffee house conversation, you’ve gotta admit this…

They seem to have gotten a lot of people talking.

Just Google “Lovers of Valdaro” and see for yourself.

So, has your business got people talking?

If not, maybe you can figure out an intriguing story or “mystery” that will generate great chatter, whether at the ol’ water cooler or at Starbucks.

In fact, you might find some inspiration right here —

Lemme know what you come up with.

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