Why I Was Whimpering In The Shower

Confession time…

I spent the past few weeks fretting, chewing my nails, whimpering in the shower, and generally being a pain in the ass to my dear wife.

I even got the dog worked up.

How come?

Because in the next week, I’m launching a brand new information product.

And it required me to step outside my comfort zone. (Thus taking me longer to complete than I expected.)

Sure, I’ve created other products in the last year or so. And they required me to learn (for the very first time) how to produce eBooks and record and edit audio files. I had to learn to upload those files to my website. And I had to figger out how to link my “virtual shopping cart” to Paypal.

But I’d grown used to all that stuff.

This new undertaking was another animal for me entirely.

First of all, it includes 12 short videos. And until three weeks ago, I’d never before recorded a single video.

Second, I decided to use a new sales platform with which I was totally unfamiliar. Arg!

Third…well, third, I struggled with the worry that I might be opening a vein and revealing a little too much about myself in this package.

Stir all this together with my typically high-strung temperament, and…Ka-BOOM!!

Well, Coffee House Kingpin is finally finished, thanks to the encouragement of my wife and kind words from a few online friends. And you know sump’tin? It turned out great, if I do say so myself.

You’ll be getting the details about it next week. (Along with the opportunity to grab a copy dirt cheap, too — if you’re on my email list. If you’re not, sign up in the sidebar.)

So here’s what I’ve learned in the past month…

Don’t worry.

Just get it done.

All the crap will work itself out.


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