Shia LaBeouf Gets His Clock Cleaned

Didja see that video from last week of actor Shia LaBeouf gettin’ the snot beat outta him on a downtown Vancouver sidewalk?

According to reports, LaBeouf was drinking at a bar, exchanged some words with a fellow patron, then “took it outside,” which is where the video picks up the action. It’s pretty darn ugly.

Whatcha see is the actor lying on the ground while a shirtless guy pummels him in the face over and over again.

If you’re not used to witnessing fistfights in “real life,” it’s gruesome stuff.

Now, I don’t know anything about Shia LaBeouf, besides having enjoyed the heck out of the first Transformers movie and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

So when I saw the video, I felt bad for the guy.

But here’re a few comments I found online at the video’s site:

“Shia is a jerk, met him and his entourage and thank god I did not piss him off as he has a ‘better than thou’ attitude.”

“Shia LaBeouf has a big mouth. Something tells me he asked for it. … Maybe a second ass-kicking would have knocked some sense into him.”

“LOL, what a ****. All those Hollyweird bozos think they’re tough. Looks like he got his ass handed to him…”

“I am sure Laboeuf deserved it, he is a major douchebag. … The shirtless dude is awesome. I hope he strikes again!!”

“It’s a wonder more celebs aren’t attacked. People praise them, but with this economy, they parade around like rich jerks! Half are lucky to be where they are too.”


I’m thinking either Shia’s got the crappiest publicists in the world or Mr. LaBoeuf needs to work seriously on his human relations skills.

Whichever it is, this all just goes to show how important it is to “watch yourself” when you live in the spotlight.

Which is exactly what you do when you run your own business.

Can you imagine having your own customers or clients call you a “jerk,” “big mouth,” “bozo,” or “douchebag”?

You wouldn’t be in business for very long.

Relationships — GREAT ones — are what make your business sing. And I offer plenty of tactics and tips for building rock-solid rapport with prospects and customers in my latest product, Coffee House Kingpin, which launches next week.

What’s the whole thing about? Kingpin is a case-study and step-by-step how-to for becoming the high-profit, go-to business godfather at your favorite local hangout. It’s video and audio training, plus a manual, business blueprint, and quick-start “cheatsheet.”

And the price’ll be real, real low for the first buyers. I’ll give you a heads-up next week.

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