Become a High-Profit Go-To Kingpin!

After much work and gnashing of teeth, my newest product, Coffee House Kingpin: How to Become the High-Profit Godfather at Your Offline Hangout, has finally gone live!

And here’s what a handful of happy campers have said about it so far…

“This is pretty damn ingenious! I love the strategies and ideas you put out there in this course. Anyone can benefit from these concepts.”

“In my opinion, this is under-priced and over-delivers.”

“Too exciting — this is awesome stuff! Yo – your HOOK… your design… the whole thing is BANGING!”

“Wally is very good at this stuff and is an excellent teacher.”

Coffee House Kingpin is designed for the offline consultant, coach, copywriter, marketer, whatever. It’s 12 videos, 12 audios, a coaching manual, a business blueprint, and a cheatsheet that will teach you how to drum up…

  • Enthusiastic, long-term clients
  • High-profit referrals
  • First-rate business associates
  • Top-notch joint venture partners
  • Steady, reliable cash surges

And you’ll learn to do that…

  • Without cold calling
  • In a way non-threatening to prospects
  • While I simultaneously got other vital work done

You’ll find many more testimonials, product details, and the opportunity to grab this (at a very reasonable price) at this link:

Coffee House Kingpin

Hey, kingpins rule!

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