Lone Wolf Seeks Companionship

My favorite characters have always been lone rangers.

And yeah, that includes the Lone Ranger himself.

Funny thing, though — the Lone Ranger seldom hits the trail alone, does he?

He hangs with his friend Tonto most of the time.

Same thing with most of the world’s other great fictional “loners.”

Sherlock Holmes — who doesn’t seem to like many people — consistently turns to Dr. Watson for help.

Batman may love the solitude of his bat cave and claim to prefer working alone, but he’s had four separate Robins assist him over the years.

Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America have each starred in their own movies. Next summer, though, they’re pooling their efforts into the Avengers. (I’m dying to see the results of that, by the way.)

Sometimes, loners just have to look to others in order to accomplish their goals.

That’s sure the case in business.

Each one of my products has relied on the help offered by friends and associates, whether they’ve lent their skills directly or helped out with an endorsement.

Problem is, to reach out to others for help when you need it, you have to…well…reach out. Right?

And some of us aren’t the best reacher-outers.

Take Jay Boyer. He says that his wife often accuses him of being downright antisocial. But in the world of internet commerce, Jay’s been able to build personal relationships with dozens of highly successful internet marketers.

He’s even turned many of them into friends and business partners, and is operating an LLC business with one of them.

I’ve learned a lot from listening to Jay, and implementing his networking strategies has really put a fire under my own business.

You might wanna take a look at what Jay’s got to offer…


What’s really nice is that it’ll cost you a LOT less than a ticket to next summer’s Avengers movie.

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