When Mother Nature says “F You”…

Seen the pictures and films from southern California this week?

Whatta madhouse!

Wind gusts of up to 123 mph have ripped through there, downing power lines, cracking concrete light poles, and shoving trees on top of houses and businesses. They’ve declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County and closed some schools.

Even where I live on the central coast — some 200 miles north of the L.A. area — winds occasionally clocked in at 60 mph on Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Hell, we’re used to the freakin’ quakes out here, but we only see windstorms like these maybe once in a decade or two.

One woman in Pasadena described the winds as roaring up her driveway like a herd of charging rhinos.

Of course, when I think of rhinos, it’s always positive — http://www.wallyconger.com/rhinotactics.

Hope things are a bit less stormy where you are…

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