Some Bare Bones Business Advice

I love stories about inventive ideas like this one…

About a month ago, this guy in Washington State dressed a green plastic skeleton in a white sweatshirt and stuck it in the passenger seat of his Mazda, just so he could drive “legally” in the carpool lane.

He might’ve gotten away with his scheme, too, ’cept he got pulled over by a state patrolman for speeding 82 mph and making a series of crazyass lane changes.

What a numbskull.

Reminds me of people who carefully research a market, develop a brilliant business concept, launch it, then blow the whole kit and kaboodle with a simple boneheaded slip-up.

And the slip-up is almost always something that could’ve been avoided simply.

One of the biggest business gaffes — and surely the most easily sidestepped — is letting your reputation or personal brand grow “organically” through inattention and (gulp) the mistaken opinions of others.

Great branding is critical to success. In fact, my friend Bolaji O told me recently that branding was the “missing piece” of his online business “puzzle.”

You know, by taking just a handful of clear-cut steps, anybody can harness the power of personal branding.

Don’t be a dim blub like the guy with the plastic skeleton in his car.

His blunder only cost him a $454 fine.

Bungling your business brand can cost you a helluva lot more.

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