What’s Faster Than A Speeding Pachyderm?

Congratulations to Gopi Kannan!

In case you didn’t get the news before now, he’s the 36-year-old elephant who won last week’s half-kilometer long elephant race, held each year during the Anayottam festival at Guruvayur Temple in India.

It was Kannan’s ninth victory, this time in a field of 26 elephants.

And as winner, he got to carry the idol for all the important rituals that took place during the 10-day festival, which is dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna.

Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve got a question, though…

Just how fast can pachyderms run?

Pretty damn fast, it seems. But in Kannan’s case, he just had to run a little bit faster than his competitors.

So the business lesson here is, in order to succeed, you just have to stay a little ahead of the rest of the pack.

And there may be no better way to do that than to build yourself a brand that sticks in people’s minds like, well, like a speeding elephant.

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