I’m A Heartless Bastard

I’m gonna risk sounding like a heartless bastard.

But when I read last week that workers at Toyota’s largest plant in Australia had waited 13 weeks to find out who among them would be laid off, I didn’t shake my head in sadness at the 350 lost jobs.


Instead, I wondered what most of them had done in those weeks to prepare for the falling axe.

Said one dismissed Toyota employee: “I’ve worked there for 18 years. What am I going to do?”

Well, by my calculation, fella, you had three full months and umpteen paychecks to figger out that little puzzle!

(Toldja I’m a heartless jerk.)

Hey, I was “victim” to a massive corporate layoff a few years back. And yeah, I wasted plenty of time around the Xerox machine with my cohorts, gossiping and worrying about the threatened “restructuring.”

But I also busied myself planning what I’d do when the slashing and burning began.

I started reading lots of business and motivational books.

I started building my marketing skills via Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, and others.

Then, when The Day came — when my boss told me, hey, see ya around town — I was ready.

How ready are you for what’s become, in this day in age, inevitable?

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