Isn’t It Time To Cut Out The Middleman?

A month or so back, Jerry Gillies, author of the prosperity classic Moneylove, wrote this truth on his blog…

“None of the economists or politicians really have a grasp on the central issue of the current historically high unemployment rates. This is simply that we have moved past the point where working for someone else is the best option for being successful.”


I recall Gillies making an important point during a seminar quite a few years ago — that to be of financial worth to a typical employer, you had to create five times the amount of your salary and benefits.

Jerry followed this up by asking, “Isn’t it time to cut out the middleman — in other words, your employer — and keep a much higher proportion of your daily bread?”

After being unceremoniously dumped from a corporate job in the mid-1990s, I decided to follow this sage advice to cut out the middleman and pursue self-employment.

Thing is, I did so before it got so damn easy to do so.

Only the porn dudes were making moola on the internet back then. These days, all you’ve gotta do is drum up a good idea, find an online crowd to sell it to, and start spinning off digital products. And you can do that with just a laptop computer and a smidge of how-to knowledge.

Very cool.

But here’s the bad news…

You still have to overcome some fear, some reluctance, and a whole lot of procrastination.

Are you up for it?

Here’s a little booster shot that might help…

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