Interesting Crap I Learned From A Cat Lady

Every neighborhood has a “cat lady,” right?

Until not too long ago, we did.

She’d hole herself up in her house for weeks on end (her ex-husband used to bring groceries to her), and when she moved out, somebody told me you wouldn’t’uv believed the stink in the place.

Well, our cat lady’s gone now, but there’s still no shortage of them living in our area.

In fact, a cat lady cornered me at the coffee house yesterday morning, while I was trying to finish reading a novel (Cassidy’s Girl, a 1951 pulp noir by David Goodis, if you really must know).

Here are a few “cat facts” she dropped on me in just six or seven minutes…

— The average age for an indoor cat is 15 years, while the average age for an outdoor cat is only three to five years.

— A group of cats is called a “kindle.” (Funny, I was reading from my Kindle when I was interrupted.)

— The most common cat names in the U.S. right now are Max, Chloe, Bella, Oliver, Tiger, Smokey, Tigger, Lucy, Shadow, and Angel.

— Kitten teeth are sharper than adult cat teeth.

— Cats have 32 muscles in just one ear.

— Cats sway their tails as a sign of affection.

Not surprisingly, I found a couple of business lessons in those feline factoids…

First, just as kitten teeth are sharper than adult cat teeth, many of us are “sharper” in running our businesses when we’re just starting out. We get fat and lazy as our businesses age. Don’t take your business for granted!

Second, are you alert to “signs of affection” from your customers? Do you pay attention to what they tell you – or what they don’t respond to?

I’m sure there are other lessons to be learned from these tidbits so generously offered by my cat lady friend. Maybe you’ll let me know about any you come up with.

You know, hanging out at a coffee house can be a valuable use of time.

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