Smaller Is Always Better

Deb and I spent this past weekend in the L.A. area, visiting friends left behind when we moved 200 miles up the coast quite a few years ago.

I don’t get down that way very often anymore, so it was fun checking out the old neighborhood.

It was also a bit of a revelation.

Sure, I expected things to have changed. But I was most surprised by the things that hadn’t changed.

Like the little newsstand, the maternity shop, the tiny hardware store…

And, of course, my favorite independent coffee house.

Most of the familiar core small businesses were still there, stuck in their original nooks and crannies.

What weren’t there anymore were a lot of the big chains and franchises — elephantine businesses I thought would never disappear, including banks and supermarkets.

Sure, in this unstable economy, small companies are hurting. I won’t deny that.

But what was proved to me in my old stomping grounds was that small and less complicated and less bureaucratic is better.

MORE than better. It’s essential to survival.

If you stay “small,” you can be more resilient in any economy. You can reinvent yourself, your products, your services, and more quickly respond to customer demands and shifting markets.

And hell, what’s smaller than a business without walls, with no employees and no real overhead?

If you’re small and “insignificant” enough, what can stop you?

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