So Jump Off The Cliff Already!

You may have noticed (then again, maybe you haven’t) that many of my e-mails, and even my blog posts, conclude with this motivational quote from Ray Bradbury, who died at age 91 this past week…

“Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”

Bradbury wrote the great dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, plus some 600 classic short stories and umpteen other books. No other writer has influenced my life more as a journalist, essayist, defrocked corporate scribbler, and blogger than the late, great Mr. Bradbury.

Before I found my own “writer’s voice,” I was an unapologetic thief of Bradbury’s writing style.

After I found a unique voice of my own, I always remained inspired by Bradbury’s genuineness and grace.

And by his persistence. Which is vital in the pursuit of any goal.

I thought I’d share this brief video of Ray Bradbury with you. Go take a look, and I believe you’ll discover a message of hope for anyone interested in moving ahead toward a dream, whether it involves writing or business…

I hope you have a fantastic and productive weekend.

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