What Claude Hopkins Knew About Freedom

Independence Day is tomorrow, here in these United States.

Some people call it “Fourth of July.” But I prefer Independence Day.

And between all the firecrackers and hotdogs and flags and loud music, you might hear a few people drop names like Thomas Jefferson, or Samuel Adams (the revolutionist, not the beer), or Thomas Paine (my personal favorite).

Chances are, though, that I’ll be the only guy who mentions Claude Hopkins to you during this holiday week.

Hopkins knew something about personal independence, and you might recall that I’ve shared (and re-shared) Hopkins’ book Scientific Advertising with you.

Well, I have a second, highly valuable book of Claude’s to pass along today — his 1927 autobiography My Life in Advertising.

No opt-in. No obligation. Just an absolutely free PDF download to thank you for hanging out with me.

Hopkins was one of the great copywriters and advertising pioneers. He was damn successful, too, and earned a staggering annual salary of $185,000 way back in 1907. (Quick, figger that one out in 2012 dollars!)

Anyway, My Life in Advertising is one of my all-time dearly loved books. Since I first read it about 10 years ago, I’ve re-read it maybe four times.

There’s a lot you can learn about personal independence from this book.

There’s a lot you can learn about business and marketing from this book.

And best of all, it’s entertaining as hell.

In fact, My Life in Advertising might be the best, most entertaining book you hunker down with all summer.

I kid you not.

[Thanks to Tony Fischer Photography for the bitchin’ — no pun itended — photo!]

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