Why Not Be Legendary?

It’s Labor Day – the last official holiday of summer, one of those 3-day weekends I tend to ignore as much as I can.

I stay off the roads and outta the crazy traffic.

I stay away from the crowds at the beach.

I stay out of the restaurants.

In other words, I stay home.

And most of that time — especially on a weekend as nice weather-wise as this one’s been — I spend in my backyard. Generally with a dark beer and a tasty ceegar.

And a book.

This weekend, I’ve been reading Johnny B. Truant’s ebook manifesto How To Be Legendary: A Realistic Guide to Being the Superhuman You’re Supposed to Be.

OK, you know how I genuinely love motivational business and self-help stuff. Well, Johnny’s book is very cool. It’s about not settling in life. About becoming better. About becoming more.

It’s about actually reaching the goals you set instead of constantly being frustrated by failure. It’s about always growing, always moving relentlessly toward becoming the awesome, amazing people that we were all meant to be.

If you want a formula, this is it.

And guess what? The damn book is absolutely free.

That’s right. It costs nuttin’.


OK, you do have to “opt-in” to get it. But all that does is get you on Johnny Truant’s email list, which really ain’t such a bad thing.

Johnny’s a busy guy, producing Kindle books, two podcasts a week, and manifestoes like How To Be Legendary.

And believe me, he’s a blast. (I’ve been a fan of his for, oh, almost three years now.)

But I’ve got a disclaimer…

Johnny tends to be four-lettered.

He takes no prisoners.

And he kicks ass.

This new book of his will probably tell you stuff you don’t wanna hear.

Hey, it’s Labor Day. Besides cooking hamburgers, what else do you have to do?

Go get Johnny’s book. Again, it’s free.


Then lemme know whatcha think.

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