Attack of the “Hiya joes”

business group standing around water cooler.I’ve worked outside the corporate world for a long, long time now. But I still wonder occasionally whatever happened to all the “Hiya joes” I knew back then.

Podcaster Michael W. Dean defines “Hiya joes” as the folks at your day job who say “Hi!” every time you happen to pass ’em on the way to the break room.

If you don’t return their greeting, they get pissy, cuz they truly believe they’ve got a relationship with you.

But they don’t. Not really.

“Hiya joe” types are the people who make only mind-numbing small talk at the office, nattering about the weather, last night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” you get my drift.

Michael Dean calls them “time-wasting mosquitoes.”

Hell, in all the time you’ve wasted in small talk with “Hiya joes” — co-workers who don’t really give a crap about you anyway — you probably could’ve launched your own profitable business out of your home (or even the back of your car).

Of course, my preferred spot for running a business is at my local coffee house.

Anyway, next time you find yourself wasting time at the office copying machine, yammering with some dingdong about nothing, stop for a minute and think about what you’re really doing.

Just a suggestion.

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