I love sushi…but REALLY?!

We Be SushiHere’s kind’ve a crazyass fun thing to do…

Google the phrase “bad business names.”

Or “silly business names.”

You’ll be amazed at how many funny hits you get.

I just tried it, and here’s a brief list of results:

Casket Basement
Tofu Loft
Caviar Shack
Chainsaw Cottage
Girdle Garage
A Pane In The Glass
Eat My Martini
Royal Flush Cesspool Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Rock Bottom Industries
Meat on the Beach
PMS General Trading Co.

OK, some of these are unfortunate. “PMS” might be the initials from somebody’s name, but they don’t belong on any business.

A few are just ridiculous. What woman, for example, wants to be seen walking into a place called “Girdle Garage”?

On the other hand, in most cases here, you CAN figure out from their names what each of these businesses is selling in the way of products or services.

And that’s more than can be said for many business names nowadays.

If you didn’t know the business was first called “Beverages & More,” what in its name would clue you in that “BevMo” is primarily a seller of liquor?

If you hadn’t bought buckets of junk food from Kentucky Fried Chicken over the years, would you even know from its signage today that “KFC” sells chicken?

(Notice that Orchard Supply Hardware has recently moved away from years of “OSH” advertising and signage, returning to its roots. Its buildings now proudly proclaim “Orchard Supply Hardware,” and there’s little mention of “OSH” in its ads.)

Branding is serious business.

Your name is a brand.

Your image is a brand.

Your reputation is a brand.

Your brand is what sticks in people’s minds.

If you and your business are poorly branded, you risk potential clients and customers.

Has your “personal brand” been determined by chance…or by choice?

It matters.

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