A Facebook friend called me a mean name

yelling2-001Get this…

One of my Facebook “friends” — you know, one of those folks who ask to be your FB friend and you don’t know them at all but you figger what the hell — called me a “lame f-cktard” this week.

Seems I got on her bad side when I mentioned that it wasn’t very nice to post spoilers about a “Walking Dead” episode just a minute after you’d watched it on the east coast (and a whole lot’ve us were still waiting anxiously to see it on the west coast).

So for my remark, I got called a “lame f-cktard.”

And she got herself “unfriended.”

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Actually, four.

First, remember that most Facebook friends aren’t usually REAL friends. They can become real friends down the road, but they don’t start out that way most of the time.

Second, be considerate of fellow social media travelers. THINK before you randomly post stuff (like spoilers of popular TV shows, or photos of your naked butt).

Third, stay cool. If a social media “friend” calls you on something you’ve posted, just apologize (if they’ve been nice) and move on. But don’t call ’em foul names. If you feel they’ve done you wrong, block ’em. Or unfriend ’em.

Fourth, take the energy you waste on ranting and raving on Facebook and channel it in a positive direction.

Funny thing, this Facebook incident of mine happened just as I knuckled down to create a new info-product on how to harness your green rage monster to build rapid business success (or complete your latest project).

In the coming week or so, I’ll be giving you progress reports on this new product, and letcha know how you can grab a copy (if you’re so inclined).

Meanwhile, to quote one of the cooler heads among my Facebook friends, stay frosty.

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