How bad sh-t becomes good business

textingwhiledriving-001I read about this last night and just wanted to share it with you…

Seems that in late 2009, this guy Erik Wood from the Seattle area was taking a walk with his 3-year-old daughter Eve.

“We were very visible,” he says.

Anyway, he explains that Eve was walking just a few feet ahead of him when he noticed a car racing at them.

“There’s that quick moment where you realize this person is not slowing down at all,” Erik says.

“I pulled Eve back and the car goes flying by. I looked up, and the lady was texting with her thumbs while driving with her wrists. She didn’t even look up. She was oblivious to the fact that she almost committed manslaughter.”

Most people would get really pissed.

Most people, if they did anything at all, would waste time petitioning government bureaucrats for more unenforceable legislation aimed at driving distractions.

Erik Wood did something much cooler.

He built a business.

He and a couple of business partners created OTTER LLC.

Their flagship product is the One Touch Tech Response (OTTER) app. It keeps your cell phone quiet when it receives texts, and also sends an auto-reply text. This cuts down on drivers getting distracted by incoming text messages.

OK, I don’t know how the thing works, so I can’t go into details.

But I know a neat idea when I hear one.

I hope Erik Wood’s OTTER is doing gangbusters.

Here’s his business formula, which I happen to have been recommending a long, long time…

Problem –> Solution –> Money

Pretty simple, huh?

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