I’m mourning a loss this week

dentistI had a lower-right molar extracted earlier this week.

The tooth had a big honkin’ fissure in it, so I had a crown put on it a couple of years ago. But the damn thing went dead dead dead, and no root canal was gonna save it.

So it hadda go bye-bye.

The good news is that I experienced absolutely no pain during or after.

The bad news is that — crazyass as it sounds — I’m suffering a weird sense of loss.

Yep. Sounds silly, but I’m mourning a missing tooth and fondly recalling days when I could chew mindlessly on the right side of my mouth.

But here’s what I wanted to tell you about…

The evening after my molar got yanked, the phone rang.

It was the oral surgeon, calling personally to see how I was feeling.

To be honest, that kind’ve follow-up from a doctor has been rare in my experience.

In fact, that kind’ve follow-up from ANY business owner I’ve dealt with has been pretty damn rare.

And here’s the deal…

Since Wednesday night, I’ve probably told eight or more people about this doctor’s follow-up.

Just goes to show that when you provide good service to your clients and customers, people can’t help but talk about it.


Because it’s so darn rare.

And it’ll brand your business positively.

Just sayin’.

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