How to be a badass

bbsf_sidebarConfession time.

I’m a podcast junkie.

I’m hooked on all the independent “radio” I can find online and listen to through my computer and iPhone.

For at least an hour each day, I listen to everything from old radio dramas like “The Shadow,” to ‘casts by sci-fi geeks, political whackjobs, and brilliant economists, to how-to’s on business.

One of the newest and best podcasts I’ve latched onto has gotta be something called Bigger Better Stronger Faster, a weekly half-hour featuring Johnny B. Truant and Joel Runyon.

I’m a diehard fan of these guys.

Bigger Better Stronger Faster is all about reaching your potential as a human being.

It’s about improving in every part of your life — physically, mentally, in relationships, in work…

Hell, why mince words?

Bigger Better Stronger Faster is about how to be a badass.

And if you agree with me that living on the 9-to-5 job treadmill is no way to live, you’ll really want to check it out.

What’s cool is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Subscribe to Bigger Better Stronger Faster via iTunes. Or download specific episodes here…

Take special note of Episode 3, titled “Gaining Perspective on Your Problems and Limits.”

I think you’ll dig it.

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