Can’t stop the signal

dead-tv7Remember that tired old philosophical question about a tree falling in the forest when nobody’s there to hear it?

Seth Godin offered a nice spin on it a few days back.

He wrote about being at a party and seeing a dead TV monitor that displayed the message “No signal… check power, cable and source selection…”

Godin remarked that no matter how hard the DVD player worked or how terrific the cable TV show was, if neither got through to that monitor, no one was gonna see it.

So lemme ask you this…

If you crank out emails, blog posts, and tweets that make tons of noise but nobody’s sticking around to hear it…

You get my drift?

Noise ain’t signal, pal.

It’s distraction.

If your story or message doesn’t resonate with your audience, it’s just worthless clatter.

So today, before you dash off another Facebook post, or write another forum comment or sales letter, stop and ask yourself, “How strong is my signal?”

And if it seems a bit weak, don’t just turn up the volume.

Fine-tune what it is you’re trying to say.

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