Think you’re safe at warp?

Enterprise Warp-001I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Ours was pretty laidback overall, punctuated with only a theater visit to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

And I gotta say, whoa!

In a movie chock full of great FX and stunning moments, one line uttered by the movie’s chief villain really walloped me…

“If you think you are safe at warp, you’re wrong.”

Now, I’ve always said that action is key to any monetary success.

After all, if you never get off the sofa, nothing happens.

But on the other hand, I’ve watched a lot of workaholics crank themselves to warp speed…and get absolutely nothing done.

They move so fast, focused on busywork, that the results of all their high-velocity labor amounts to zero. Nada.

Sure, money DOES love speed.

But you have to be speeding in the right direction, and getting vital things finished along the way to Rigel IV, or wherever the hell you’re headed, to make a real difference.

So if you think that because you’re in warp, your business is safe and your goals are locked in, forget it.

You might want to slow down, check your coordinates, and adjust your impulse drive a smidge.

Live long and prosper.

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