Are you speaking your own Klingon?

shes-too-good-for-you-image-3-e1296843476846-001A couple days back, I pulled a quotable quote and a bit of wisdom outta the new Star Trek flick.

Well, it prompted this note from Steve…

“Hey, I liked the Trek quote, but I liked even better when Uhura, who was especially hot in this movie by the way, said, ‘You brought me here so I could speak Klingon. So let me speak Klingon.'”

I’d forgotten about that moment.

It WAS terrific, wasn’t it?

So terrific, in fact, that I wanna repeat it:

“You brought me here so I could speak Klingon. So let me speak Klingon.”

If you haven’t seen the movie yet (and if that’s the case, get thee to your nearest Cineplex), I won’t spoil it by detailing the scene in which Uhura utters that great line.

But I think the point she was making, in whatever context, is pretty self-evident.

She might just as well have said, “Let me get on with what I’m best at.”

Or, “Stay out of my way and let me do my thing.”

Nothing’s more frustrating than being really good at something and not being allowed to shine.

That happens a lot in jobs.

It happened to me in my old corporate job.

I shined at being a writer and editor, which is what I’d been hired to do.

But I got shoved into management.

Hell, yeah, the money was better in management.

But my strengths were always in writing and editing. It’s also what I loved.

As a manager…well, I was okay.

Not great. Just okay.

So when I launched my own business, I didn’t hire on any employees to manage.

I gave myself the freedom to do my own thing.

To speak my own Klingon.

Are you speaking your own Klingon in your OWN business?

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