How to kill your career in 8 easy steps

550x298_antoine-fuqua-defends-quentin-tarantino-in-django-unchained-race-row-6408-001Guy named Elliot Grove posted an article at the Raindance Film Festival website this morning. It’s titled “8 Mistakes Filmmakers Make That Kill Their Careers,” and you know what? These mistakes apply not just to would-be filmmakers, but to just about ANYBODY.

And I think they’re all worth noting.

1. Doing too much yourself

Sure, doing it all on your own can be cost-effective and maybe give you a better grasp on the why’s and how’s of your business, but it can also bog you down big time in day-to-day BS.

Sometimes, it’s faster, easier, and cheaper in the long-run to find somebody else to help you handle the load.

2. You don’t know what you don’t know

Most businesses require a whole bunch’a different skill sets. And you sure as hell aren’t an expert in all of ’em.

Admit that to yourself, educate yourself in areas you need to, find others who can fill in your “gaps,” and then move forward.

3. Quitting the day job too quickly

I’ve said before that sometimes getting fired from a job is the best thing that can happen to an aspiring solopreneur. It shoves you out of the procrastination stage by necessity.

On the other hand, bills have got to be paid.

Don’t be stupid.

Be wise.

4. You haven’t got anyone to talk to

Network, network, network. Check out the internet forums in your niche. Use social media in a SMART way. Swap new ideas, find joint venture partners, and get your ego stroked.

5. Working with the wrong people

You can figure this one out for yourself, can’t you?

6. Lack of self awareness

Be honest with yourself. Seriously.

7. Staying in the comfort zone

Mix it up.

Add new clients.

Add new partners.

Reinvent yourself when you have to, and without fear.

Challenge yourself fer crissakes!

8. Not knowing why you want to make movies…

…or whatever it is you want to do with your life.

Get a grip on your REAL reason for freeing yourself up and getting off the treadmill and into your own thing. That’ll determine whether you’re on the right track and whether you’ll succeed or not.

Print out this list and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

I’m not kidding.

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