How to love eating doggie chow twice a day

dog food-001I was fixin’ the Hound’s dinner last night (a delicious combo of wet and dry dog food, whipped into a sort’ve brownish gravy with a crushed hip and joint tablet). And, as usual, she was bouncing around and nudging me with her nose.

And, for the first time in ten years, it hit me. Wow, Cheyenne’s gobbled down this same crap twice a day for, like, years — and she STILL greets every meal with enthusiasm and expectancy.

Me, I get pissy just thinking about leftovers.

But not my pooch.

Don’t you wish you could harness her kind of passionate eagerness for each day?

Because as someone whose name I’m too lazy to look up once pointed out, expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.

Even the little day-to-day stuff you take for granted can bring inspiration and opportunity.

That first phone call in the morning.

That view of the beach during your commute to work.

That regular lunch date with a friend.

That book you’re reading.

If you approach each little event like a BIG one now and then, life would certainly be more joyous.

Expect something stimulating, even profitable, to happen.

It will.

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